The joys of Auntyhood

As well as being a mum, I am aunty to 8 wonderful nieces and nephews. Being an aunty has helped me learn to be a mother and shows me a different dimension to family relationships. As an aunt I can be a friend as well as a responsible grown-up (I hope!). This set of images, from a recent family shoot, speaks to me on so many levels – here is an aunty being loving, silly and totally trusted by her niece and nephew. I love it!

Aunty and children laughing

Fine Art – Fingers and Thumbs series

I know that this post will be a little different from my usual portrait and party sessions but I wanted to share a different dimension of my photography with you. Just recently I was asked to run a stall selling postcards and art. This prompted me to take a look back at some of the personal projects that I have been developing over the last few years. This is a particular favourite of mine. The series is called Fingers and Thumbs. It grew from my love of vintage cameras and film. I have some vintage glass plate slides which I bought on Ebay, intending to use them in my cameras. The first time I tried, I loaded up the camera (a Rolleicord with a glass plate attachment), took my image and developed it, all with a sense of excitement as to what I would find. I was very disappointed to discover that no image at all appeared on the glass plate and that my worry that the slides were too out of date was realised. However, I thought it would be worth scanning the slide, just to see if there was the ghost of an image in there somewhere! There wasn’t, but what I found was something just as exciting – the scratch marks, fingerprints and mould on the slides, added up to create a beautiful abstract image. It spoke volumes to me about art, failure and the joy of discovery. I have since been through the same process many times and each slide rewards me with an unexpected scene. To me, they look like landscapes, clouds, a flock of starlings, a moonlit night or an underwater scene. I hope you enjoy looking at them.

If you are interested in buying prints from this series, please email me on for more information

Shooting Stars parties

I thought you might find it interesting to take a look at the variety of images we create during a Shooting Stars Party. I have been promoting these parties a lot recently as they are such great fun and I love seeing how the guests’ confidence grows during the session. Sometimes a child will come into the studio feeling unsure of themselves and nervous in front of the camera but by the end of the two hour session they are often the ones leaping in front of my lens begging me to take “one last shot”!

Shooting Stars parties are intended to make every guest feel like a superstar and I’m proud to say that is exactly what happens.

The outfit themes chosen for this party were – Black & White, Pyjamas & Onesies and Geeky, which gave us a great opportunity for lots of laughs!

If you are interested in booking a Shooting Stars Party, please email me at or call on 07905 053 794


More bluebell sneak peeks!

Loved this session, so here’s a sneak peek.

I photographed this gorgeous girl when she was just 6 weeks old, again at 2 years and now that she is 3.
Lovely friends as well as repeat clients :)

sneak peek – bluebell shoot

Sneak peeks from one of my lovely bluebell shoots. I adored this gorgeous girl’s tutu, she totally rocked it! and how cool is her big brother? :)

Sneak Peek – Alphabetty Designs

I had the privilege of working with the marvellous Jane Parker of Alphabetty Designs this week. Jane designs and makes the most beautiful children’s clothes, which are both fun and easy to wear. I have bought custom made shirts for my boys and pyjama bottoms from Alphabetty and I love how they look and their attention to detail. Here’s a sneak peek from our two sessions, including an incredibly gorgeous tutu which will be worn for competitions and shows. So clever :)

You can find Jane at:

Gabrielle Izen – product photography

It is always a real pleasure to meet small businesses and help them photograph their products. For me, helping Gabrielle Izen record her beautiful work is a double pleasure, because I love illustration and I love Gabrielle’s work.

Gabrielle sells cards, notecards and prints of her work, as well as taking on commissions. Her work is constantly evolving and it’s wonderful seeing what she will produce next. I particularly like the little zinc keepsake frames containing messages and wise words. Do visit Gabrielle’s website, you’ll love it –

International Pillow Fight Day

April 5th 2014 was International Pillow Fight Day. I don’t know about you but that sounds to me like a good excuse for some onesie fun! Our Shooting Stars parties are full of this kind of madness. Call Janet on 07905 053 794 or email to book a party and have a pillow fight :)

Some exciting news!

Young girl in punk costume against newspaper background

I joined the Guild of Photographers at the start of this year. It is an organisation for professional photographers. It’s always useful to have the help and advice of a professional organisation behind you, which I why I am a member of both this one and the British Association of Newborn Photographers.
The Guild of Photographers runs an Image of the Month Competition and I am delighted to say that this image from a recent Shooting Stars party was awarded a Bronze Bar. I’m naturally very excited by this and thrilled to gain peer recognition in my professional life, so tonight I am a happy bunny :)

Siblings shoot

Aww, I loved this session in my studio :) When you have two young children, it’s often hard to achieve the crossover point when both children are happy, confident and willing to be in front of the camera. The good thing about this is there are plenty of opportunities to photograph each child individually and bring out the best in them and when the moments when both little ones are happy it creates the real magic!