Gabrielle Izen – product photography

It is always a real pleasure to meet small businesses and help them photograph their products. For me, helping Gabrielle Izen record her beautiful work is a double pleasure, because I love illustration and I love Gabrielle’s work.

Gabrielle sells cards, notecards and prints of her work, as well as taking on commissions. Her work is constantly evolving and it’s wonderful seeing what she will produce next. I particularly like the little zinc keepsake frames containing messages and wise words. Do visit Gabrielle’s website, you’ll love it –

International Pillow Fight Day

April 5th 2014 was International Pillow Fight Day. I don’t know about you but that sounds to me like a good excuse for some onesie fun! Our Shooting Stars parties are full of this kind of madness. Call Janet on 07905 053 794 or email to book a party and have a pillow fight :)

Some exciting news!

Young girl in punk costume against newspaper background

I joined the Guild of Photographers at the start of this year. It is an organisation for professional photographers. It’s always useful to have the help and advice of a professional organisation behind you, which I why I am a member of both this one and the British Association of Newborn Photographers.
The Guild of Photographers runs an Image of the Month Competition and I am delighted to say that this image from a recent Shooting Stars party was awarded a Bronze Bar. I’m naturally very excited by this and thrilled to gain peer recognition in my professional life, so tonight I am a happy bunny :)

Siblings shoot

Aww, I loved this session in my studio :) When you have two young children, it’s often hard to achieve the crossover point when both children are happy, confident and willing to be in front of the camera. The good thing about this is there are plenty of opportunities to photograph each child individually and bring out the best in them and when the moments when both little ones are happy it creates the real magic!

Food Swap

Well, it’s been a busy summer – balancing holidays, having the boys at home and getting lots of work done has been great but tiring and I must admit that blogging fell by the wayside. Now September has arrived and everyone is back to school and I’m able to devote myself to letting you know what I’ve been up to.
Before I share some work with you, I thought I’d tell you about a local event that I went to this weekend which was great fun and a fabulous idea.
If you have ever heard of Food Swaps you will know that it is an American idea which is taking off in the UK. The premise is that you take along homegrown or homemade food and swap it with someone else’s delicious fare. Recently one of these great events has been started up in Tunbridge Wells by Laura Goode. You can find out more information about it here
I went along to the one in July with only 3 things to swap and boy I regretted it, there was so much there that I wanted to swap! This time I went along fully armed with 3 bottles of rosehip syrup, 2 jars of pickled chillies, two loaves of bread and a gingerbread cake. Below is an image of the great haul I got in return: grapes, meringues, chocolate and raspberry muffins, granola, lemon curd, hot dressed potato salad, cherry tomatoes and a mediterranean loaf. YUM!

What makes these events so much fun is that it’s a gathering of people who love food and are interested in making their own food and keeping things local. And there’s always something delicious to swap :)
The next event is planned for around Christmas time, so I will be baking and planning a batch of goodies to take along.

Tiptoe through the bluebells!

I know, not exactly the right words but still, it seemed appropriate. Here’s another lovely location session in the beautiful bluebells. This time, I was told about the woods by a client who lives nearby them. They were absolutely bursting with that gorgeous glow of blue. The joy of a forest is that almost everywhere is under the shade of trees, which softens the light and stops there being harsh shadows. We photographers are always searching for that flattering “open shade” to shoot in.

I have photographed this sweet girl three times now. Once when she was 6 weeks old, again at 6 months and now as an energetic pre-schooler. In fact, she was one of the reasons that I began my sister company – Hushabye Photography – because I realised how much I loved photographing newborns. So thank you, Jenny, for coming back again, I love recording these moments as your daughter grows.

Blue belles :)

For a couple of weeks in the year, the woodlands of Kent are carpeted in the most amazing and luminous blue. I love catching a glimpse of them as I drive past or walking through the countryside and coming across a patch of these flowers.

You can find out where bluebells are and if they are blooming by using the internet, most places will keep you up to date on how their flowers are doing. The National Trust are especially good at doing this. This year, given the cold weather and no sun, the bluebells were about 2 weeks late but when they arrived they were beautiful.

To celebrate the youngest member of this family’s first birthday, we ventured out to find the blue. Given that all three girls fell asleep in the car on the way there and had to be woken up on arrival, they were incredibly good natured and full of fun (I’m never like that when I wake up!) We had a wonderful walk through the woods and captured some lovely images along the way.

Brocante fair – Nonsuch Mansion

I know I have mentioned this before, but photographing antiques for Nikki Page Antiques is such a lovely job. I always look forward to seeing what wonderful things Nikki has found and I’m never disappointed.
So, when Nikki told me that she was organising an antiques and brocante fair and needed someone to record the event, I was very excited.
The event took place at Nonsuch Mansion, Cheam. It was a great place for holding a fair like this as the rooms are huge, full of light and decorated in gorgeous wallpapers. A wonderful fact that I discovered about antiques sellers is that they have a great sense of style and they all dressed their tables beautifully.
I spent a very satisfying morning recording all the gorgeous stalls.

Blair’s Bridal

Last week I spent a wonderful afternoon with Blair Pucknell, photographing her beautiful wedding dresses. Shooting against a grey background with minimal props, really allowed the dresses to shine. I’m looking forward to seeing how Blair uses the images on her new website and to shooting more of these lovely designs.

Shooting Stars

I love the energy of my Shooting Stars parties – everyone arrives so full of excitement and it really shines through in the photos. This fun bunch really enjoyed their themes of Pyjamas, Bright colours and all in black. I had also spent some time making some new props and a backdrop to brighten things up, which along with the balloons and party poppers really made the party go with a bang!